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a suggestion about using chat and the forum Empty a suggestion about using chat and the forum

Post  irdoz on Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:21 am

I've played online MMOPRG for many years.

You usually get a mixture of ages and cultures. In mathematical based games like this you often get a set of mathematics/computing/engineering/science students and professionals who like the maths, ex and currently military who like the war game environment and the guild command structures, and facets of 4chan culture for whom forum games and trolling makes a lot of the fun.

Now some of these cultures often don't mix very well - and often you'll get guilds that self-select based on their general attitudes to life. In our guild we have the lot - and last night in guild chat there was a demonstration of how it is almost impossible for these cultures to coexist in a comfortable way.

Now I don't want to curtail anyone's right to free speech or to bring up issues of concern - but if last nights performance is repeated on a regular basis then I think a lot of current members would choose to leave.

So I'd like to make the following suggestions to avoid what happened last night.

1. Where there is conflict that only involves a few people and anyone feels uncomfortable they be asked to take it to PM. Once that request is made it is guild policy that the participants not continue in guild general chat. In general, officers should not involve themselves in this sort of confrontation as it sets a bad example.

2. If there are detailed policy debates that people want to discuss or issues people have a bee in their bonnet about (e.g. access to inactivity) then the appropriate place to bring it up is on this forum. In that way I can choose not to participate - I can't turn off guild chat because something important might be occurring. That way no-ones free speech is curtailed, these issues can be discussed by those passionate about them, and I can blissfully ignore the discussion and just play the game.

3. Guild general chat should be left to fun social stuff and immediate game issues (e.g I'm about to be attacked etc.).

I suggest once someone asks that a subject be taken to the forum it is guild policy that participants do that as soon as possible - sure if they feel it can be wound up in one minute do so - but if the flaming war and trolling is still going on 5 minutes after a request to go to the forum has been made this should be pointed out and continuing the dispute in general chat should be grounds for discipline (e.g. slap in the ear with a wet noodle).

Thanks for listening. i don't want to sit through another appalling demonstration like occurred earlier today my time.


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