Keeping update with the AE forums!

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Keeping update with the AE forums!

Post  Keiki on Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:20 am

The thread is designed to keep us up to date with H40s politics and what AE players are saying about our realm.

I just wanted to point out two threads on the AE forum that are of interest to us relating to the H40s;

The Official Stronghold Guide

Very interesting to see how guilds evolve and moving (invading) other galaxies also debate of H40 guild presence and strongholds.

Who controls the 40's?

A bunch of players that don't exist in H40 talking about who is in H40 and who dominates it. There is a discussion about our guild against another H40s stronghold guild, [WOLF]. Which is interesting but needs some more support from our side maybe.

It's an interesting read.


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Re: Keeping update with the AE forums!

Post  irdoz on Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:45 am

Forum games in these sort of games can be over the top. They are just for fun and quite meaningless. In my experience the best way to represent your guild is not to participate. That wolf guy is a fool - he is only trolling. Don't feed the trolls Smile

And frankly the best way to defend ourselves at the moment is not to stick our heads up. Putting our stats up and playing 'we're better than you games' only makes you a target - and everyone in H01-39 has a big tech advantage for now.

They are good to read though - you do get tidbits of information - and they can be entertaining.


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