survival in 41 if -re- come knocking

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survival in 41 if -re- come knocking Empty survival in 41 if -re- come knocking

Post  irdoz on Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:55 am

Based on my experiences in h40 watching -re- go touring here's my observations...

1. The active players need to work together - if you're not very active while it's going on then you need to play hide and seek instead.

2. They have a number of different fleet specs...
frigate (pretty devastating)
hc - will make complete mincemeat of fighter cloud defenses (dont have them)
cruiser/fighter spam
dn stack

The most devastating is the dn stack at this point because he just repairs it for no loss - your first order of the day is to get at least two active people with >100hcs and spec in plasma.

3. defensive strategies - if you have 10/10 dts and 80 or less eco you will usually be left alone - but with less than that even marginally unprofitable bases will be hit
you must NOT under any circumstances park fleet on JGs
they use scout scripts - theyll find them

4. offensive strategies
keep killing scouts and other eyes - they cant rebuild them
you must anticipate - for example lets say theres a profitable base you think they are going to hit then this is how you might do it...
firstly observer their scouts - they are the first sign something is coming
have the active players park their fleets just outside the zone
the person/people with bases in the zone need to be active and keep refreshing their scanner
as soon as you have a lz confirmed then;
i) kill their eyes
ii) park a corvette in every star system in the region - they will spam scouts ahead of arrival - scan constantly for them and kill them
iii) send all fleets to a base near the lz - Ive used a steel base
iv) one of their weaknesses is they land with rc's - drop a lot of fighters on the lz
it really takes activity and coordination to do this - even if you cant be active all the time try and organsie a day/time when 5-6 of you will try to be active for 4-6 hrs.

They won't be sending more fleet here so the sooner their scouts and rc's are killed the sooner they go home.


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