Proposal for a trade clean up

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Proposal for a trade clean up Empty Proposal for a trade clean up

Post  irdoz on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:55 am

At the moment trades make-up 33% of my income - without bothering about distance or unique.

I could increase that by a reasonable amount if I invested in longer trade routes and tried to do unique.

There's no way I'm going to just drop people without giving them notice.

My concerns are:

I) i have quite a few trades with people who seem to have gone inactive;
ii) a number of my trading partners have defenses that are inadequate or have developed their ecos too high making them sitting ducks when H40 opens to the lower galaxies

I don't want to do a trade clean up until after the mess that will occur after H40 opens up settles down. But it might be useful when the guild settles down a bit and the dust from the skies opening up clears that we do a trade review and try to get more long distance trades that are unique between astros that are safe.

The guides I have read suggest not going over eco 100 until you have p-rings and p-shields - that whetever defense you have you are likely to be profitable to a higher level over eco 100 without p-rings and shilelds.

I've asked a few people who've experienced what happens when a new galaxy opens up and they've suggested a mix of the following tends to happen:

i) higher guilds try to establish a small presence in the H40s
ii) higher level guilds will occasionally arrive en masse looking for easy farming opportunities
iii) a lot of individual players will go touring looking for easy profit
iv) some players who have developed with the support of H40 guilds will reveal themselves to be actually allied with H01-39 guilds
v) the less dominant guilds in the 40s will seek alliances with more powerful guilds from the H01-39.
vi) some players/guilds who didn't establish a safe area in H01-39 but are quite advanced in technology and level will seek to relocate into the H40s against less well developed opponents

Now I have no idea if these things will happen - however I senss there will be a lot of change over the next few weeks. After that I'd like whoever is left to put aside some time to clean up all our trades so we can maximise income for the guild and minimise disruption.


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